Why I Will Be Buying The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One?

I visited an AT&T store yesterday to evaluate the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One for my use.  I will likely be buying the S4 sometime next month. Note that this is not a review of the phones, just my reasons for preferring the S4 over the HTC One.

My views: both are nice phones to look at, with the One having a significant edge. Its screen a bit less-brighter than the S4, but with a higher pixel density than the S4. The One is the same size as my OneX (which I just sold on eBay). The dark-grey S4 is not as good-looking as the white one. Overall, there isn't a wow-factor with the S4. The One is definitely superior in looks.

Before I saw the S4, I thought it would be a big phone (the Samsung Note II is 5.5" but looks BIG relative to the S4). Samsung has managed to make the phone look normal-sized, I think, by cleverly managing space around the viewing portion of the screen.

I hate both phones' launchers (TouchWiz vs. Sense) though the S4 has an edge here: menu system looks much better organized. The One still has only JB 4.1.2 when the world will soon see Android 5 (Key Lime Pie); that is disappointing. The S4 has JB 4.2.2, the latest. Samsung has stupidly tried to play around with its calendar. When I tried, it could not sync with Google Calendar (I may have mis-interpreted the message but it wasn't comforting to see that message on an Android-based phone!). The S4 has a user-replaceable battery and an micro-SDHC slot. iFixit says the One will be very difficult to repair. I prefer the S4 here because I like to fix phones myself (after the warranty period expires, of course!).

Why will I purchase the S4? Bigger screen (more real-estate) yet doesn't look big, want to get away from HTC (took a long time to get JB 4.1.2 on the OneX), superb screen attributes (stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the iPhone 5) according to one review, and storage expandability. My wife wants a bigger phone (she says the iPhone 4 she has is too small for her). She loved the Note II but I suggested she wait for the S4. If I wanted to have a smaller phone that is the same size of my OneX, I could have just kept it. I am ready to move-on to a slightly bigger phone, given that higher resolution phones are now available.


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