The Problem with Apple's iPhone

In a CNET article titled Six ways Apple can fix what's 'broken' about the iPhone, Rick Broida what he would like to see in the new, as yet unnannounced, iPhone.  Here are my thought on what Apple needs to do.

I think that Apple needs to change its stance on products that they make and sell. The stance has always been - from the Steve-Jobs days - that customers do NOT know what is good for them or how they should be using their products. That might have worked in the PC / laptop era and in the beginning stages of the innovation cycle at which the iPhone was introduced. That cycle is now past that stage and we are coming close to the maturity stage in the cycle. Things work differently there than they did at the initial stages. In addition, the sales volume has overturned for Apple. They weren't leading in sales of PC and laptops but ARE leading in smartphone sales. With widespread adoption comes more wants by a now-larger consumer-base, with different people liking and disliking different things in products they buy. Which means that Apple can no longer rely on just its own instincts to make products. They HAVE to listen to what consumers prefer and want in products they purchase. Thus, I believe it is critical that Apple keeps track of what is a significantly large consumer base, a base that knows what it wants, and dislikes companies that do not listen to them. If the e-mails that are being released as an outcome of the Apple-Samsung trial are any indication, Apple itself realizes that they do not have what consumers want. Thus, I will suggest just ONE way that Apple can fix the iPhone: give consumers what they want, not what they THINK consumers want.


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